The Great Patriotic war is the most destructive and violent war not only in history of Russia, but also in history of humanity. It predetermined results of World War II and brought the Victory over Nazism to the world.

Our ancestors who have showed incredible courage and heroism paid the tremendous price for the Great Victory. Soviet Union irreplaceable combat losses were more than 12 million people and with civilians the country lost 26.6 million people in total.

We want to preserve memory of each person who contributed to the Great Victory. Each family preserves memories about relatives and friends who were in military service and working on home front. Their portraits and names should become legacy for present and future generations.

The national historical depositary is more than 150 million photos and documents, more than 150 million destinies. Victory Museum creates “The National exposition”, where participants of project “Victory in Faces" can find and show the portraits of ancestors to their relatives.

“Victory in Faces” is an international project and citizens of any country may add data about their relatives in historical depositary in Victory Museum to immortalize the feat of heroic generation, which defeated Nazism.